PSM-500 Downloads

M500 Series (PSM-500) Firmware Update Program (Windows Only) – You would normally download only the M500 Update Program (and USB driver if needed) since it can get the latest firmware directly from the web.

Windows Update Program – Including M500Update.exe file – does not require previous DLLs.

M500 Update Ver 2.3 (zip) Version 2.3 (1.5 MBytes)

USB Driver Installer – Absolutely Needed! – This is a one time installation of the USB driver for the M500 modem. It is fairly automatic.

M500 Modem USB Driver (zip) Version 2.08 (1.4 MBytes)

M500 Series (PSM-500) Latest Firmware Binary Files – These are fairly large! You MUST download the FEC firmware files in addition to the Unit file(s) needed. It is normally not necessary to download these files separately if web access is used with the M500 Update program.

M500 Series FEC Files FBF – For all units, and NOT included in the above 3 files. These are the 4 flash files for the -01(Viterbi, TCM, R-S), -02 (Viterbi, TCM, R-S plus TPC-4k) FEC Cards, -03 (Viterbi, TCM, R-S plus TPC-16k) FEC Cards, and -04 (Viterbi, TCM, R-S plus TPC-4k and 16k) FEC Cards. You MUST download yours with one or more of the above Unit files.

M500 Modem Series Update Firmware
We now have Windows compliant firmware update tools for the PSM-500 Modems that is semi-automatic and easier to use. The PSM-500 series M500 Update program connects a Windows PC to the modems USB port via a standard USB cable and automatically detects if either the modem or the FECs have new firmware available. There is also no need to set the modem itself into the update mode as this is all handled by the program.

The program for PSM-500 Modems is called “M500Update.exe” and the program is new in version 2.20. It now operates correctly in Windows Vista. The new program is self contained and requires none of the .DLL or OCX files that the previous version needed. The full program is located in the M500Update file. The modem firmware is packaged as separate sets of firmware “.fbf” files for each of the 3 base modem types; 70 MHz, 140 MHz and L-Band.

The latest version 2.20 of the “M500Up_date.exe” program now has the ability to check a special web site we maintain with the modem firmware and can detect if a newer version of firmware is available there. It can also download and install the firmware. This makes the entire process much easier to use.

For the first time users of the M500 Update program, it is now recommended that you simply download the M500 Update v2.20 only.  Also download the AUTOMATIC USB install. These two ZIP files have all of the necessary files to install and run the Update. The Update program can then find and download files as needed for both the modem and to update itself.

– You will find multiple versions of the latest modem firmware on this page. Note that each version is specific to a particular modem type. The modem will only accept firmware updates of the same type as that already loaded. Updating the firmware requires a minimum of two files from the Download section below, One program file and one BIN file. You only need to download these files separately if you do not use the automated features of the M500 Up_date program.

Note that the term “firmware” is used, and the updates include both control processor software code and FPGA configuration and firmware code. Thus both modem software and hardware can be updated.

When you should download new firmware:

If you need new capabilities as provided by a later version than that installed. For example, you may need to update the firmware in an older modem to support new Turbo Product Codes.

If you are experiencing some problem that may be associated with a particular application. Occasionally some hardware issue arises that requires later firmware to resolve.

When Not to download new firmware:

If your modem is working fine in an existing application there is no need to update the firmware – most updates target very specific areas of operation.

If you are not properly equipped to load the firmware to the modem. You must have a PC type computer with an available USB Port and a male to female USB cable to connect between the computer\’s USB port and the modem\’s USB control port.

Download Links
– Each is a compressed or zipped file that will require WinZip or Windows XP/Vista to un-compress. Click on the appropriate link below and choose the “Save” option to save the file on your computer. A modems “Unit Version” can be read on the modem\’s front panel LCD display by selecting the Unit button, the Status column and then scroll down to “Version”.

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