Solution = Datum Systems M7 Multi-Application Satellite Modem/Router

GSM Cellular Backhaul

Today people everywhere expect to be connected on all their device all the time and able to communicate via voice and data, no matter how remote their location may be. Mobile Network Operators (MNO) all over the world are under pressure to provide quality services in outlying regions far away from terrestrial connections.

Datum Systems M7 modem with SEVIS Intelligent Backhaul Optimization and Xiplink compression and IP optimization capabilities allows MNO’s to realize high ROI, while saving backhaul OPEX and establishing a software-defined network (SDN) architecture to accommodate future uses and service models. The M7 will deliver the highest possible ROI in the shortest amount of time.

Oil & Gas

Service providers in the global Oil and Gas arena are under a lot of pressure from their customers to provide the highest level of availability with the latest capabilities and the most cost effective technology. The requirement for information continuity with headquarters, operations, emergency and safety resources cannot be compromised.

With the increase in demand to support many new applications for data analysis, remote monitor and control, video surveillance, video training, telemedicine and general crew welfare is perfect match for the M7 IP modem with embedded IP acceleration, QOS and optimization.


Vessels at sea are involved in over 90% of the world’s trade and these vessels depend on constant connectivity with operations centers located on land. Broadband connectivity is key to running application for improved work productivity, crew welfare, cargo status and emergency situations. Cruise ship passengers’ expectations are the same at sea as they are on-shore. They want to have the same type of always-on Internet, voice and video access with the same quality of service. VSAT technology is the only solution for constant quality connections.

Datum System solves the limited space availability issue on cruise ships and cargo vessels by designing the smallest hardware footprint high bandwidth modem available by using embedded technologies that enable the use of smaller antennas and BUCs.


More airlines now offer in-flight connectivity, these airlines are relying on satellite and specifically VSAT. By using VSAT, airlines are able to offer higher data rates, with coverage for both domestic and international routes. With the new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) using VSAT is the obvious choice. Datum Systems offers the most flexible, cost effective technology solution, designed to maximize the ROI for the service provider and airline.

Emergency Response

Nothing is more important in an emergency situation than deploying reliable and secure communication in the shortest amount of time. Communication requirements in a disaster recovery & emergency management situation require flexibility, versatility and quick deployment of satellite networks. Datum Systems provides ease of operation along with the fastest signal acquiring modem available.

Government / Defense

Datum Systems offers US and foreign Government, Military and Multinational Organizations the ability to deploy secure, flexible and reliable communications quickly. Meeting the specific needs of the Military and Government is critical to assure high-speed broadband connections for war-fighter, first responders and diplomatic organizations.

With dwindling budgets and increased need for global connectivity agencies need to choose the most cost efficient, future-proof and scalable satellite networking solutions available. A high-performance communications network that can scale with ever changing applications is a critical requirement. Datum Systems’ M7 modem platform meets these requirements whether it’s for UAV’s, HTS or COTM.


The requirement for uninterruptible connectivity for an enterprise increases the critical services that must support the numerous IP applications from data to voice to video and to any location. An Enterprise can extend from land based to sea and the air. Datum Systems has developed and implemented advances in satellite technology to make IP-over-satellite a cost effective solution for enterprises that need to provide connectivity to every location and individual no matter where they are.

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