About Datum Systems

Datum Systems:

Datum Systems Inc. is a global leader in Satellite and Troposcatter communications modems. Datum is an OEM manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells modems to over 120 countries around the globe and has been operating since 1986.

Datum focuses on compact, efficient and feature rich products that can be used as standalone platforms in traditional fixed ground stations or readily integrated into mobile ground, aero, man-pack or maritime terminals. Datum modems specifically target opportunities where sized weight and power are a focus (SWaP). Our satellite modems are GEO, MEO, LEO and HTS capable, offering a large feature set, high efficiency and high throughput in a SWaP package. Our troposcatter modems are often integrated into outdoor troposcatter terminals or radios, supporting high user data rates and robust diversity solutions for more reliable links.

Datum offers a wide variety of user interfaces and machine to machine APIs. We work with our partners and customers to integrate our products into larger, complex ecosystems that interface to higher order (manager of manager) systems to provide a complete end to end customer solution.

Our Product Design Philosophy

We manufacture the highest quality and most reliable modems in the industry by concentrating solely on satellite and troposcatter modems. Our modem products are rigorously designed to provide the absolute best performance in the smallest, low weight, low power (SWaP) package at a competitive price. Datum Systems equipment is engineered to be built extremely efficient. Testing is virtually all automated, from initial checkout, through final test.

The design features zero adjustments, and comprehensive digital processing. Extensive use of Digital Signal Processing and FPGA’s enable new waveforms and capabilities using only software updates. One of Datums advantages is our direct modulation and demodulation, which gives us superior performance with fewer parts and higher integration. We directly modulate and demodulate at 70 MHz, 140 MHz and L-Band. Most of the signal processing is accomplished in Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGA’s. The design of these incorporates communications and logic processes written in high level hardware design language.

We invite you to compare our modem design and performance to any competing product. Many of our customers have performed extensive comparative testing and found that our modems significantly outperform any other modem on the market.

Our Sales Model

Datum Systems has no direct sales force or field offices. It uses distributors, resellers and system integrators to interface and provide sales support to prospective buyers. What this means to you is lower pricing. Because our distributors buy and stock large volumes of our modems, they are able to pass these savings directly on to you. Our distributors and resellers promote and sell our modems in many diverse geographic regions and markets. We have large and small companies in Asia, South America, Australia, Africa and Russia who are selling our products within their “Home” markets. At the same time, we help “System Designers” by making certain that our products meet their requirements and sometimes-unique needs through direct communication.

Our Logo

In case anyone is curious about our name or logo, here is the straight story. When we first started Datum Systems we needed a name and logo. After weeks of searching names that we generated on a computer, Dave Bagby came up with the name “Datum”, which refers to the reference or reference line from which other measurements are made. We liked it, so I started making a logo on an old Macintosh computer. It is meant to represent a two-dimensional reference mark. The rest is history.

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