Datum Systems Impressive New ACM Multi-Receiver puts 64 RX Channels in One Elements Vsat Rack Space

March 3rd, 2020 – Mesa, AZ – Datum Systems, a privately-held innovator of ground-system technology for satellite communications, has released its next generation Elements M7D Multi-Demod.  It supports up to 64 RX-Channels in a single unit rack space, with all receive channels supporting Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) independently. This greatly reduces the size and cost of its Elements SCPC Vsat Platform.

The Elements Modular Vsat System now has an extremely high capacity RX-Channel Multi-Demod to complement its already impressive DVB-S2/S2X Outbound capability (up to 350 Mbps).  In a single rack space, two paired M7D Multi-Demods give the user 4 independent inputs, each supporting 16 Fast Acquisition RX-Channels and a combined 320 MHz of highly efficient bandwidth. All RX-Channels support 33 independent Modcods, Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) and AUPC.

David Koblinski, President and GM of Datum Systems, commented that, “The implementation of so many Receive Channels in just an 11” deep single rack space, significantly reduces the cost of each inbound RX-Channel, as the hardware cost is spread across so many RX-Channels. Since we are now able to support a large number receive carriers in such a compact space, it greatly reduces the cost of our Elements Hub. This makes P2MP, Mesh and Hybrid FDMA networks exponentially more affordable.”

To see our new M7D Multi-Receiver, please visit Datum Systems (Booth #1647) at the Satellite 2020 Exhibition, March 10 through March 12, at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.  We will also be introducing our new high speed M7 Troposcatter Models.


Datum Systems is a privately-held company, located in Mesa, Arizona. For over 20 years Datum has specialized in designing and delivering the most spectral and bandwidth efficient FDMA modems in the industry and is the global leader in low cost, compact modem products. Datum provides IP and alternative transport solutions for Mobile Backhaul, Trunking, Enterprise VSAT, Energy, Government and Maritime markets. Solution architectures include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, On-the-Move, SCADA and our latest Troposcatter.