Datum STAX-4


1Ru Multi-Modem with Redundant Power


The STAX-4 1RU chassis platform is a versatile rack-mountable telco grade modem platform that o¬ffers up to 4 high speed modulators and 64 demodulators with a maximum 400Msps TX and 400Msps RX capacity.

STAX-4 is a standard 1RU high, 19” wide multi-function chassis. It is a high-density rack-mount modem / compute platform that is typically deployed at a hub or teleport. The STAX-4 platform can be confi¬gured to modulate up to 4 independently tuneable, independent waveform, high speed carriers and up to 64 independent demodulators in a single 1RU platform.

STAX-4 offers optional dual independent power input with up to two (2) load sharing redundant power supplies. Each power supply can support 100% of the load of the chassis and all installed modems or compute modules.

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