M7 Modems/Routers

DVBS-2X Modems

Datum Systems introduces advanced DVB-S2/S2X capability in the M7 series. This product combines state-of-the-art performance in a platform that is
versatile, compact, highly effcient, and costs less to own and operate.

DVBS-2X High-Speed Modems

A true next generation M7 DVB-S2/S2X Modem with maximum versatility and the highest efficiency and performance of any DVBS2X modem in the Satcom Market. The M7 Series is also very compact and reliable, giving service providers and operators a lower cost modem that’s less to own and operate.

DVBS-2X High-Speed Modulators

The Versatile M7 DVB-S2/S2X Modulator was designed to support many types of services, including MCPC Outbound Traffic as part of our Elements FDMA Vsat System, Multicast and Broadcast applications.  The M7-DVBS2X Model meets DVBS2X standards for Modcods and exceeds Carrier Roll-off selections down to 2%.  The M7 DVBS2X modulator is a half-rack wide unit, which can accommodate both a Prime and Back-up Modulator side by side within in a single 1 RU Rack Space.  Our Modems, Modulators and Demodulators also provide  Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Control, making it a clean and compact

DVBS-2X High-Speed Multi-Demodulators

Our Datum M7D DVBS/DVBS2X Dual-Demod supports up to two professional Demods in a single half rack chassis.  Up to 4 DVBS-2X Demods in a single Rack-Space.  Each Demod is fully independent and  full supports DVBS2/DVBS-2X and associated Modcods, Symbol Rates up to 72 Msps and Data Rates up to 350 Mbps.  These high performance and compact Multi-Demodulators bring back high speed remote carriers for many applications, including High Speed IP and MESH Networks and Broadcast Headend collection.

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