Datum M7XC


Extra Compact Software Defined Modem


The M7XC software defined (SD) satellite modem is compact and powerful. It offers multiple software selectable waveforms, datarates over 560Mbps, LEO, MEO, GEO, Multi-Orbit capable, security and encryption for control and data paths all in a 3”x5”x1”, 1lb, <30W package.

The SD modem offers over >10 selectable waveforms including Direct Sequence Spreading, DVB-S2/S2X, FlexLDPC, Multicarrier with or without bonding (up to 16 TX & RX carriers on one M7XC), Turbo Codes and custom waveforms. The open waveforms are compliant with many industry standards, making it the smallest common hardware modem available.

High value capabilities are also software enabled such as secure user traffic, secure control interfaces, AES256 Encryption, Smart Carrier Cancelling, Smart Hub Cancelling, ACM, Sharp Carrier Roll-Off down to 2%, Power Management etc. A GbE Layer 2 bridge interface supports VLAN PcP, DSCP, MPLS, QoS with 8 independent queues for Strict, WRED or custom priorities at Line-Speeds >1M PPS and Jumbo Frames support up to 10K Bytes. The modems can be configured for 1:1 redundancy without the need for an external switch. The SD modem can be configured to function as a Hub or Remote in a point-to-multi-point environment as well as point-to-point or MESH network and are LEO, MEO and GEO ready. In a Hub 2RU rack mount chassis that accepts up to 10 M7XC modules the 2RU hub can host up to 160 independent RX carriers, up to 10 High speed TX carriers or a combination of both.

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