March 2, 2016 – San Jose, CA – Datum Systems, a privately-held innovator in advanced satellite modems, today announced the release of DVB-S2X modulator and demodulator card-sets for its modular M7 modem platform.

With Datum´s M70 Modulator and D70 Demodulator High Speed DVBS2/DVB-S2X Card-sets, the M7 modem platform has expanded capabilities for full high-throughput satellite (HTS) support. The new cards allow use of higher order modulation schemes to deliver up to 350 Mbps of IP throughput, and support advanced features such as ACM and Smart Carrier Cancelling. Cards can be populated together in an existing M7 modem platform to build duplex DVB-S2 or DVB-S2X links, or independently mixed with Datum´s low latency FlexLDPC card-sets for a truly efficient and low cost point-to-multipoint transport network.

“With the new DVB-S2X cards, we jump from tens of Mbps to hundreds of Mbps,” said David Koblinski, VP Business Development and Marketing at Datum Systems. “But we have done so in a unique way: by allowing our existing M7 platform users to transition to HTS and upgrade to DVB-S2X without the need to replace their entire modems. This is again proof that our M7 platform truly represents the most flexible, affordable, modular and efficient SCPC satellite modem architecture in the industry.”

The M7 product family is a highly flexible, robust and spectral-efficient modem platform for provisioning SCPC-based networks over traditional FSS and high throughput satellites (HTS). The advanced M7 modems combine Datum´s industry-leading FlexLDPC coding with sharper roll-off filters, DVB-S2X and Datum´s unique “Smart Carrier” spectrum cancellation technology. Satellite service providers, telecom operators and government/military users can flexibly and economically design point-to-point or multipoint SCPC networks based on the near Shannon performance and modularity of the M7 system.

Learn more about the DVB-S2X card-sets and how multiple standards can co-exist in Datum´s modular M7 modem platform by visiting Datum Systems (Booth # 2117) at the Satellite 2016 Conference and Exhibition in Washington, DC, March 7-10 at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

About Datum Systems

Datum Systems is a privately-held company, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, that has focused solely on the design and manufacture of advanced satellite communications modems for over 20 years. Datum specializes in designing and delivering the most spectral and bandwidth efficient SCPC modems in the industry and is the global leader in low cost and compact modem products. Through a global network of distribution partners, Datum provides IP and alternative solutions for Mobile Backhaul, Trunking, Enterprise, Oil & Gas, Government and Maritime. Solution architectures include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, On-the-Move and SCADA. (Visit us at

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Vice President of Business Development and Marketing
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