March 16, 2014

Datum Systems’ latest M7 Modem Series remains in the forefront of bandwidth efficiency and overall data throughput while continuing to provide the lowest cost modem in the industry. Features like our FlexLDPC, Sharp Carrier and Smart Carrier cancelling has made the M7 modem not only highly desirable, but very affordable.

Datum Systems innovation is transforming the SCPC and MCPC modem industry with its 4th generation modular modem product, the M7 Series. The M7 Series is a versatile, compact and highly efficient satellite modem platform that costs less to own and operate than other VSAT Systems. “For those who have been delaying the replacement of older or less efficient modems because of high up-front capital unit costs, the M7 solves this conundrum by combining high efficiency with all the bells and whistles into a low cost modem,” said David Koblinski, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.

The M7 includes features such as:

M7 Advanced Series
  • Smart Carrier canceller option – patented, advanced second generation baseband carrier canceller with excellent performance; easy to setup and needs no additional cabling. Smart Carrier is compatible with all Datum modulation types and FECs, and is well suited to be used with roll-off factors down to 5%. Datum’s technique provides improvement in the Shannon Capacity of ~ 2dB, which is ~50% increase in the fundamental channel capacity.
  • Sharp Carrier roll-off – advanced filter shaping for optimized carrier spacing down to 5% as a standard feature. This allows an immediate spectral efficiency increase and significant bandwidth savings at no additional hardware or software cost.
  • FlexLDPC – unparalleled configuration flexibility and superior coding gain; granular code rates and block sizes get you the most out of your available satellite bandwidth and spectral power, while keeping processing latency at the desired level.
  • IP Optimization – integrated Acceleration and Compression for cellular backhaul and trunking. Interface platform supports high PPS and jumbo frames.
  • Standard Extra’s – Professional; Web Browser interface with Spectrum Analyzer and Constellation Monitoring, Detailed Event Logging, Remote SNMP, Fast AUPC for PtP, Smart Carrier and PtMP links.

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About Datum Systems

Datum Systems, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, has been solely focused on the innovation and manufacture of satellite communications modems for over 20 years. We specialize in the most spectral and bandwidth efficient SCPC modems in the industry and are the leader in low cost and compact modem products. Datum serves worldwide IP and alternative solutions for Mobile Backhaul, Trunking, Enterprise, Oil & Gas and Maritime. Solution Architectures include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, On-the-Move and SCADA. (Visit us at